Project Description

VP of Sales and Marketing Search for an Oncology-Focused Biotech Firm

Our client was a small oncology-focused biotech seeking to commercialize its first product…for a second time. It was a product which had experienced a previous late-stage development setback and commercial efforts had halted. Now a few years later, they were in need of an executive to re-start the sales and marketing efforts.

Due to the previous disappointment, our client had a little bit of a reputational challenge which had to be overcome as we worked to attract potential candidates. That challenge however didn’t mean we were able to lower our standards. The executive had to have a strong track record of success, the ability to work with limited resources, and the ability to recruit, inspire, and lead a commercial team he or she would build from scratch.

We worked hard to develop a slate of qualified oncology-focused executives that consisted of business unit heads, marketing VP’s and sales VP’s. We networked at conferences and on the phone, interviewed several promising candidates, and recommended the finalists to our client.  Our client was pleased with the choices with which we provided them and they selected a “big pharma” executive who had demonstrated a readiness to make the transition to small biotech.

Our candidate was hired and not only made an immediate impact, but was eventually promoted to Chief Operating Officer.