Our Process

Let’s discuss how we can help you find the ideal commercial executive to lead your organization to success.

While we can't share our entire playbook for recruiting success, here is a little bit about the steps we take to help you hire key talent for your organization.

We will have you describe the ideal candidate. With your help, we will develop a compelling story to share with potential candidates.

We will then narrow the list of potential candidates within our extensive database based on appropriate criteria and begin networking via email, phone, and well-attended oncology conferences if the timing is right.

We provide potential candidates with the profile of the opportunity, the company, the product, and other pertinent information. Once we begin networking, unless there is a desire for confidentiality, awareness of the career opportunities at your company will be widespread throughout the marketplace.

We will ensure the candidates have the experience necessary to be successful in the new role, and ensure they are genuinely interested in the opportunity. We then collect pertinent information and submit their resume for consideration. Frequent discussions with the hiring manager about candidates enable us to further refine our search.

After an appropriate number of candidates have been submitted for each position, we will then work with the hiring managers or human resources to rank and/or select the candidates to interview. We will help with the scheduling of interviews, with candidate interview preparation, and with follow up.

If requested, we will help coordinate or conduct background and/or reference checks unless a third party is used. We are able to extend verbal offers and broker negotiations when necessary. We help prepare candidates for their resignation and help coordinate start dates. We always enjoy following up after the new hire has started to learn how the transition is going.

Our Success Stories