Our Niche

Let’s discuss how we can help you find the ideal commercial executive to lead your organization to success.

COSI offers sales and marketing recruitment services for oncology-focused pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Since 1999, our company has developed the relationships necessary to locate and place candidates efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Our focused niche within commercial oncology means we are way ahead in the game. All of our recruiters work exclusively within the oncology sales and marketing space so we are already networking daily with commercial oncology-focused professionals and executives. We know where the best candidates are, we often know their reputations, and we know which drugs and companies align with your therapeutic area of focus.

Succeeding in a focused niche over the long-term means not burning bridges. We strive to conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism in all circumstances. Because of our long-standing track record in commercial oncology, we are grateful for the trust we have earned with candidates and clients alike.

This means more returned phone calls from potential candidates, more networking help, and a greater likelihood of just the right candidate being attracted to your career opportunity. We do not make a habit of wasting their time and they appreciate it. As our client, you get to benefit from our reputation and relationships.

Our Success Stories