Project Description

Large Oncology Sales Expansion

Our large pharmaceutical client selected COSI as their exclusive search firm partner to hire over 65 oncology sales representatives and managers as they prepared to launch a ground-breaking new therapeutic in an exciting new drug class.  With only 24 hours notice for the project, and a very tight timeline, we got off to a quick start.  The client’s aggressive plan was to have the first round of interviews start in just under two weeks from the project kickoff and have the majority of the finalists selected for offers within four weeks.

We put our entire team of six recruiters on the project and got to work.  If you talk with any candidate with whom we’ve interacted, they’ll probably tell you about how efficient and organized our recruitment process is.  That highly efficient process enabled us to find, attract, screen, and submit 100 resumes of qualified, interested candidates within one week of the project start.  We kept up that pace each week and within 3 weeks we had submitted almost 300 resumes of qualified oncology sales candidates for consideration.  For anyone who’s been through a large sales force expansion, that’s lightning fast.

Our very satisfied client was able to fill every open position for their sales force expansion on their aggressive timeline and was well prepared to bring their new therapeutic to cancer patients.